How to speak at a business event. Read our 5 top tips for sounding like a public speaking professional.


The John Smith’s Stadium is a premier venue for business conferences and events. We have both intimate and large spaces available with Wi-Fi and technical resources. This will ensure delegates have the best experience. Perfect for hosting a business event to remember!

Public speaking: Some love it, some hate it, and some physically feel as though they are unable to do it at all. Whichever category you fall into we can promise you one thing; you can do it. Here at The John Smith’s Stadium, we host business seminars and events throughout the year and if there’s one   thing we have learnt from this, it’s that anyone can climb onto a stage and deliver a confident speech if they follow these five tips: Be comfortable, be confident, be prepared, be adaptive and – importantly – be yourself!


Be Comfortable

One of the more obvious points in our list, but one not to be underrated – be comfortable. Feeling good about yourself will show to your audience and help to keep you at ease; wear clothing that makes you feel good, sit if you need to and be sure to breathe steadily. Keeping a glass of water close by means that you always have an excuse to take a quick break for a sip, and keeps your throat clear – a speech essential!


Be Confident

Confidence is key. Not just an old saying, confidence truly could be the most important element of your speech. Confidence in your convictions and the words that you are delivering will transfer to your audience and multiple studies have shown that confidence creates trust and credibility. Think about it; when was the last time you were convinced by the quietest person in the room?


Be Prepared

Prepare for your speech in any way you can: Be sure that you have your script committed to memory, and that your delivery is rehearsed. It may sound ridiculous but practicing in front of the mirror or recording yourself will allow you to watch or hear the way that you are delivering your speech. Knowing how you will look to the audience could also eliminate some of the self-consciousness associated with public speaking – if you already know how you’ll look when you speak on the day – gestures and all – it removes any element of uncertainty. Forbes recommends practice in their ’12 tips for public speaking’.


Be Adaptive

Understand that although you may practice relentlessly, there is no shame in things going unplanned – perhaps you will ad lib a part of the speech, or someone will shout a question, or it could even be that the mood where you are speaking isn’t as you expected. Whatever it is, roll with it! Be prepared to graciously answer any questions that have been unexpectedly thrown from the floor. Refrain from being the person that answers simply “save your questions for the end please.” The best public speakers are happy to take a lead from the audience. Don’t shy away, jump in, let an audience member get involved and take the question as you would take one from a friend. Harvard University highly recommends an adaptive attitude in their 10 tip blog.


Be Yourself

This is your speech after all! Lead with what you know: If you’re funny, bring it out and entertain the crowd, if you’re all about the facts, hit them with the hard stuff; sticking to your strengths will help you to convey your strongest argument and be you’re most convincing and powerful with your points.


By following our top 5 tips you are sure to approach public speaking with complete confidence in your ability to deliver a speech that both compels and captures the attention of your audience.


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