Winter or summer weddings? Our thoughts on seasonal wedding celebrations!


We understand the large amount of planning that goes into a wedding celebration; from the guests, the venue, and the dress right through to the drinks served on the day! One key detail that often requires a lot more thought than first anticipated, is the date! Whilst some couples approach the wedding planning with one particular date in mind, it takes many couples that little bit longer to decide when the perfect time of year for their celebration might be.

Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter weddings… which would you go for? If you’re wedding planning and struggling to decide on a date, or perhaps just curious for the future, we’re here to discuss our thoughts on seasonal weddings and help you make that all important decision!

Spring weddings:

Spring is, naturally, a beautiful time of year; the flowers are starting to bloom, the leaves are turning green and when the sun is shining, it provides the perfect setting (and lighting – don’t forget about the wedding pictures!) for a fantastic, bright, and colourful wedding day. Whilst the English weather may not be quite as predictable as we’d all like, and there’s always the chance of a light shower, the Spring air is often a middle ground temperature, allowing you to wear your dream dress without fear of being uncomfortably hot or cold. And finally, Spring is a fairly safe time of year for your guests to be able to attend without having to compete with holiday dates!

Autumn weddings:

If you’re thinking about a deeper colour scheme for your big day, an Autumn wedding could see you matching with the bronze, orange and naturally beautiful red backdrops that we see at this particular time of year. Whilst we can’t always predict the Autumn weather (although, can we in any season in England!?) Autumn is another good season for that middle ground temperature. Many people often travel over the summer and use a lot of their holiday entitlement – so if you’re planning an Autumn wedding further afield than where your guests are coming from, make sure to get those ‘save the date’ invitations out well in advance!

Summer weddings:

If you’re hoping for your wedding to land on a warm, sunny day – then the obvious choice is schedule it during the summer months. The longer, brighter days mean you can continue your wedding well into the evening without fear of it dropping dark and cold, and perhaps even continue your celebrations outside! Summer is also a great season for you to be able to have the produce you’ve dreamed of for your big day; most flowers are in season for your perfect wedding bouquet and menu choices can often become more exciting! Make sure to get those invitations out in good time though – Summer is peak holiday time!

Winter weddings:

If you’re dreaming of a calm and intimate wedding, a Winter wedding would be perfect to suit your style. The temperatures are cooler, days a little darker but all this bodes well for a cosy wintery setting with beautiful blooms, foliage and wistful features incorporated into your day. Roaring fires, warming drinks to pretty lighting or Christmas decorations. If you’re happy to get creative with the wedding planning, a Winter ceremony would go down a treat.

Here at The John Smith’s Stadium, we have a highly experienced and dedicated events team here to tailor our facilities to meet your needs and create your perfect wedding day, whatever the season! Get in touch on 01484 484 116 or email and let the wedding planning commence!