Stadium Partner Howarths Launch Charity ‘The Howarth Foundation’


The team at Howarth People and Safety Management are delighted to announce the launch of The Howarth Foundation, a limited company set up with the aim and objective of supporting the homeless and destitute in the region back into employment, temporary employment, work experience or training.  

The Howarth Foundation is currently going through the arduous application process for charitable status with the Charities Commission but, having spent another day on the streets talking to the homeless and unemployed, we have decided that we can’t hold our breath much longer and so have decided to launch the charity on the 1st February 2017 whilst continuing with our application.

The Howarth Foundation will be based in their current office premises and will be run and administered by Andy Howarth and Natalie Wells-Jagger with the objective of;

‘The prevention or relief of poverty in respect of individuals who are, or who have recently been, homeless in the districts of Leeds and Kirklees, by actively sourcing employers willing to offer employment and by providing those individuals with support and guidance, as to be determined by the Trustees, to successfully obtain such employment.’  

“We fully accept that there are many worthy causes out there, many of who are very well supported by corporates, banks and other businesses both large and small but we feel that there is no cause needier than the homeless at this moment in time. Some of us walked around Leeds last week in the pouring rain talking to people stuck on the street and it made us all realise that, once again that we need to think twice, last week was just another day for you and me in paradise.

We are looking for help and support from anyone who might be able to offer sponsorship, fund raising activities, volunteers or employers who are prepared to donate, sponsor or even offer work to a suitable candidate.” Andy Howarth, Chairman, Howarth People and Safety Management.

For more info please contact Natalie Wells-Jagger at or call 01274 864999

The Howarth Foundation from Howarth Miller on Vimeo.