RRG Toyota Huddersfield and Lexus Bradford Hybrid Event


On Thursday 19th July, staff from RRG Toyota Huddersfield and Lexus Bradford held an event here at The John Smith’s Stadium in the Fantastic Media Suite. The event brought in potential customers from around the West Yorkshire area to have a 2 course lunch and a taster test drive of Toyota and Lexus cars.

The event started with a meet and greet from all staff and tea and coffee on arrival. We then saw Clive Mattimoe, manager of RRG Toyota and Christopher Boot, manager of Lexus Bradford give a 40 minute presentation of the cars and into the world of Hybrid. Guests then sat down for a 2 course meal before heading out into the VIP bays where they tested 4 Toyota cars and 4 Lexus cars.

The event turned out to be a great success!