Magical Christmas at The John Smith’s Stadium


Enjoy perfect memories at The John Smith’s Stadium, Huddersfield and savour the festive fun for groups of friends, colleagues and clients, from the small intimate style of a Traditional Christmas Dinner hosted in a newly renovated box, overlooking the impressive Stadium setting to a Christmas Ball for 360 guests in our Revell Ward Suite.

Gather your favourite people together to enjoy the Christmas season and we will do all the work to craft those perfect moments.  Magical memories can be made with mystical theming of our rooms to enhance the special season’s festivities.

What are the main ingredients for a great Christmas, apart from presents?

Food of course, with a selection of delicious delights and special packages to suit every discerning palate…

Traditional recipes that have been handed down through the generations, always delight, like those amazing mince pies and of course Christmas would not be a Christmas without the pudding.  This age old tradition, with its origins dating back to Medieval England, often had a hidden token or favour within the pudding.  The person who found it would have good luck should they come across the silver coin or other favours would include a Bachelor’s button and if a single man found it they would stay single for the following year or a Spinster’s/Old Maid’s Thimble, should this be found by a single woman they would stay single for the year and should a ring be found this predicted a year of wealth and the possibility of a marriage proposal.  Holly is also thought to bring good luck and was often planted near houses in the belief that it would protect the inhabitants.

The perfect pudding recipe for your Christmas pudding should have the spices of Cinnamon and Nutmeg and plenty of dried fruits, Currants, Sultanas and Raisins. This combined with the traditional flavours of oranges and lemons, finished with a generous amount of your favourite festive tipple! Chefs recommendation is Captain Morgan’s dark rum as its rich tastes of sweet molasses pair particularly well with the citrus and spice.

Huddersfield plays host to a sparkling array of Christmas parties, special themed events and entertainment; so whether you are looking for the perfect setting for your office party, festive celebrations with friends, or somewhere for a family get-together to treasure, you’re sure to find what you need here at The John Smith’s Stadium. From Champagne toasts, traditional roast turkey with all the trimmings, to mince pies, a delicious three-course festive dinner, plus an all-inclusive drinks package and a DJ, we will know how to make your Christmas that extra bit special.