Get the most from your event at The John Smith’s Stadium!


As a venue, at The John Smith’s Stadium we have a fantastic range of spaces on offer for both individuals and businesses to hire out for a variety of different events – from dinners, exhibitions, and conferences right through to smaller scale meetings and celebrations.

If you’re a business planning a more public, larger scale event, you’ll know that there’s a lot that goes into the planning, and when there’s been so much effort put into the preparation of an event – you want to ensure that this pays off on the day! When you choose The John Smith’s Stadium as your venue, we aim to work with you to get the best out of your day, pushing your event to be as successful as it can be – and a couple of ways we can do this is through the ‘What’s On?’ calendar on our website and promoting your event via our social media platforms. With a page on our website dedicated specifically to the event you’re putting on, and social posts in line with this, ensuring that you’ve supplied us with lots of informative content helps us promote both you and your event – so we’ve devised a checklist of things to think about providing us with ahead of your day so we can take a little of that plan and prep weight off your shoulders…

General event information

In order to make sure you’ve got the right people enquiring to attend your event, we need to know as much as possible about what you’ve got going on! Think of it as the three W’s: What, When and Who?

  • What is the purpose of the day – what sort of event are you holding? When someone leaves your event, what are you aiming for them to have got out of it? What will be going on throughout the day – is there anything specific that might catch someone’s eye?
  • When are you holding the event – date/time? Is there an expected duration of the event? Is there a specific arrival time or is it an event for guests to just ‘pop in’? Do guests need to ‘book’ and if so, how do they do this?
  • Who is your event aimed at? Whilst some can be attended by anyone, others can be more specific so it’s always best to address this when promoting your event.

Expanding as much as you can upon the three W’s highlighted above allows for a more complete events page on our website, eliminating any unnecessary enquiries and in general, making your event look fully organised and thought out – with all bases covered!


We hold a range of different events here at The Stadium, and whilst some of these events can be free, sometimes they require purchasing tickets. Be sure to provide us with a ticket cost for your event if necessary, and details of how your guests can purchase these; is it pay on the day, is there a contact to get in touch with, or is there an online link you can provide us with that they can click straight through to?


To help you get as many people as you can seeing and enquiring about your event, we will push your event through our social media channels; Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (where appropriate). With social media, particularly Instagram, you need to initially catch people’s eye visually – so we would encourage you to provide us with the appropriate imagery to allow us to do this. Try to limit the amount of words and information that you use on the image – too much content can put people off – if they’re interested in the event, naturally they’ll look to find out more and we can provide this information in both the caption and by providing a link to the events page (which is why it’s important that this is as informative as can be!). There are a few different image sizes needed for the various platforms, so to look as prepared and professional as can be, try cover as many of these as you can:

  • Instagram/Facebook – 1080×1080
  • Twitter: 1600×900 (Landscape)
  • Our website: 582×478 (landscape)

Information about your business

Finally, provide us with a little bit of information about you, the business running the event – perhaps the audience might be interested in other things you’ve got on offer! We can add to our events page a backlink to your own website – not only will this help to drive traffic through to your website and create brand/event exposure, but it can also assist with your SEO; backlinks from reliable sources create trust by Google, helping you to increase your search rankings. At The John Smith’s Stadium, we are viewed as trusted by Google therefore any backlinks from our website will greatly benefit your own!

We would be delighted to help host your event here at The John Smith’s Stadium, so if you’ve got something coming up, get in touch! Give us a call on 01484 484116 or drop us an email at and we can have a chat about your requirements!