5 steps on how to plan a perfect team building day


Wanting to plan the perfect away day or team building day – but unsure where to start?

See our 5 steps for how to get the best out of your day, ensuring goals are achieved and the team enjoy their day!

  1. Make it accessible to everyone

To make sure everyone is willing to participate with the day, it’s always best to ask questions first to find out the thoughts and opinions of your team, and see what everyone would be happy taking part in. This could involve a quick office poll to get the majority vote on an activity or a team discussion of what everyone wants from the day. It’s also always a good idea to make sure you check holiday commitments to make sure everyone can attend and to ensure everyone is involved in the day!

  1. Go offsite

For a successful team day, it’s always best to get away from the office or workplace as it can do wonders for creativity! It helps how everyone interacts with each other and allows for a relaxed atmosphere – even sometimes a quick meeting offsite can help with productivity, as colleagues respond to the change of atmosphere and less distractions.

  1. Book the perfect venue

The John Smith’s Stadium is a perfect venue to host your next team day, with most of our function spaces having lots of room for various setups, abilities to be divided up for separate activities, as well as speakers and audio equipment. We can also fit food and drinks around your arrangements for the day!

If you are requiring something a bit more out of the box, our brilliant events team can work with you to create a more bespoke event, helping to set up anything from Murder Mysteries to drive in conferences – nothing is impossible at the John Smith’s Stadium!

  1. Have an aim for the day

Are you wanting your team to bond more after a tough few years? Or are you wanting to integrate new employees to the team? Whatever the reason, it is good to have an aim for the day to ensure your team are getting the most out of the time spent there – whether that be learning new skills or just a day where they can relax and get to know their other colleagues.

Always encourage collaboration and not competition throughout the day to ensure your team works effectively and learns from teamwork rather than being competitive.

  1. Get Feedback

Contact all your team after the event and get feedback on their thoughts of the day. Did they enjoy it? Did they learn anything new about their team? Ensuring everyone got something out of the day is a key outcome for a successful team building event.

We as a venue also love hearing your feedback! Was there more we could have done to help your day? Or perhaps, how can we work with you to plan your next team building day?!

Inspired to plan and book your next team building day? Have a look at our fantastic range of function rooms and speak to our team to let us help you create your perfect team away day; give us a call on 01484 484116 or alternatively you can email the team at catering@ksdl.org.uk.