Pitch Refurbishment


At the end of the football season, and scheduling in around the Giants rugby matches, the Stadium Grounds Team have a very short window of opportunity to carry out their annual, major refurbishment of the pitch.

This is a vital and a very precious time for our team to work their magic.

The pitch is scarified with specialist equipment in multiple directions to remove unwanted surface vegetation and debris and to clean and groom the upper Desso surface.

After the pitch is stripped down, 120 tonnes of specialist sand dressing is applied all over. The sand dressing has many benefits to the health of the pitch and the reasons for top dressing include: maintaining a level pitch, improving the drainage, prevent thatch build up, promote new grass growth and improve the resilience of the pitch.

The a vertidrain machine is used, to relieve compaction on the pitch before they start the over-seeding operation. 400kgs of MM60 grass seed is then spread over the pitch in multiple directions to ensure even coverage, before finally being applied with 400 kgs of 10:15 NPK analysis fertiliser.